Fixing Common Problems

Once installed and running, FeisMark should give years of trouble-free service. However, there are a couple of potential problems you might encounter.

Whatever the nature of your problem with FeisMark, please help us to put things right quickly by noting the sequence of events surrounding the problem, any symptoms or error messages you see, and your licence number. Telephone or email support is difficult without adequate information.

Your first point of contact should be to email, unless your problem is urgent, in which case contact us any way you can -- see our contact page for details.

Common Problems

My PC will not read the CD

This is not an unknown problem. Some PCs have older style CD ROM drives that struggle to read new CDs, and there is occasionally a problem with the CD creation process itself.

We do check all of our CDs on a number of machines before we send them out, but if you still have a problem, please contact us.


I do not have a CD drive

Some older PCs do not have a CD ROM drive. If you have this problem, please contact us.


I have a problem downloading FeisMark trial version

It should be simple to download and install FeisMark trial version, but the file is fairly large and some Internet Service Providers can limit your connection time or the size of file you can download in one go.

If you have any problems downloading, please contact us for a CD instead.


I get an error message: Invalid FeisMark serial number. Terminating.

You will have been asked to enter a serial number during installation of FeisMark. This is referred to every time the program is run and, if the serial number does not match the copy of the software you have, FeisMark will not load.

Two possibilities exist: either the serial number you entered was incorrect or your Windows registry has become corrupted. In either case, follow this procedure:

  1. Uninstall FeisMark. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel. Double-click the 'Add/Remove Programs' icon and click the entry for FeisMark amongst the programs listed. Click the 'Add/Remove' button and follow the instructions to remove FeisMark from your system. You may see a message to the effect that Windows could not remove all FeisMark-related objects. This can be ignored.
  2. Reinstall FeisMark from scratch, making sure that you enter the serial number carefully. In particular, note that every serial number consists of upper case letters A through Z and the digits 0 through 9. Letters must be entered as capitals, and digits must be 0 (zero) and 1 (one) rather than lower case o (oh) and l (ell).

If you continue to have problems after reinstallation, please contact for assistance.


I get an error message: Could not open registry key. Terminating

This error occurs when FeisMark cannot find a registry key containing the FeisMark installation details. It can be caused by an unsuccessful installation, or by a corrupted Windows registry. Try reinstallation (see above). If this fails, contact for assistance.


I get an error message: Index already exists

You may see an error reporting something like 'Index already exists'. This problem can occur under certain circumstances -- for instance, if your PC crashes during use.

Later versions of FeisMark do not suffer from this problem, but for earlier versions there is a small utility program available that removes the index reference from your competition tables. Download it here and follow the instructions packaged with it.


My FeisMark reports do not fit on the paper

It may be that your printer will not print near enough to all edges of the paper. This is most likely when print the 'Marks' report, which is landscape, on an inkjet or bubblejet printer. If you have this problem, please contact Let us know which report you are having trouble with, which edge is being cropped, and by how much, and we'll see if we can set up a modified report to you. Please give us plenty of notice if you have this problem!


My recall lists do not appear in the order the competitors danced in

It is usual to announce the recall in the order in which the competitors danced, for two main reasons: (a) it gives no indication of who is leading, and (b) adjudicators appreciating being able to easily mark off the recallers.

FeisMark's 'recall list' will be sorted into the correct order provided you entered a 'dancer sequence number' when setting up your dancer information. See the user manual or contact us for further help.