Disaster prevention

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Disaster prevention,  contingency planning -- whatever you call it -- is an essential part of a well-organised event. We believe FeisMark will serve you well, but it isn't the only part of your feis scoring system. What else could go wrong?

No matter how new and powerful your computer, it is vulnerable to unexpected failure, with the hard disk and monitor among the most likely victims. The hard disk rotates at high speed, while the monitor is repeatedly subjected to cycles of heating and cooling as it is switched on and off. And then there is the printer, which has many moving parts and has to cope with the abrasiveness of paper.

It needn't happen

Unlike most software, the FeisMark licence strongly encourages you to set up on more than one machine to provide 'backup' systems. As a worst case, FeisMark is so fast that it takes very little time to re-score a whole championship -- even starting from scratch.

You may not be able to prevent computer failure but there are plenty of practical steps you can take to ensure that such failures don't adversely affect your feis -- and they needn't cost the earth.

The most important factors in setting up smooth-running championship scoring are 'knowing the software' and a 'full dress rehearsal'. We can't over-emphasise the importance of this advice -- it means you practice before the event, rather than on the day.