Independent Views of FeisMark

You might like a couple of independent opinions of FeisMark.

1. England

There is a review of FeisMark on the Irish Dancer website, based on actual experience scoring a feis held in the UK. Click the button below, then scroll down the Irish Dancer page a little to find the FeisMark review.

[Please email us if the review is no longer there.]

2. United States

FeisMark went down a storm at Feile Minnesota. This was a first-time feis and Dave Wilke -- called upon to organise the scoring -- has been in touch to let us know how successful their event was. Dave says:

"I truly do not how I would have ever done the championship scoring without Feismark.  By the way, I was so impressed, I recommended it to a group from [ ... ] that will be holding a Feis next year."

And he adds:

"The quick turnaround allowed trophies to be handed out in an extremely timely fashion.  The adjudicators all commented on that."