FeisMark Licence

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FeisMark was designed, coded and built by us from the ground up. The software, logo, instructions, etc., and the 'look and feel' are the intellectual property of FeisMark Software. FeisMark is licenced, not sold, but that licence is intended to make life with FeisMark easy whilst safeguarding our work.

Most programs are licensed for use on a single computer or by a single user. FeisMark is licensed for use by a single dance school or organsation on as many computers as necessary to ensure the success of its own events.

The FeisMark licence grants specific permission to install the software on more than one computer to provide backup in case of computer failure (and we strongly recommend that this is done).

It also grants specific permission to also install the software on multiple computers in order to handle championships on multiple stages with more flexibility. However, it is the licencee's responsibility to prevent the transfer or copying of the software by unauthorised people, and to remove the software from all computers owned by third parties when the event being scored is over. All copies of FeisMark carry the licence number encrypted into the program, making illicit usage immediately traceable.

The standard licence does not permit the use of the software for scoring competitions for third parties, or for the sharing of FeisMark among multiple organisations -- otherwise we would sell exactly one copy of the software and everybody in the world would use it!

For the avoidance of doubt, examples of acceptable use would be for a dance school to licence a copy of FeisMark to score their own open feis AND class feis, etc., or for (say) a regional council to licence a copy of FeisMark to score their oireachtas AND other championships directly organised by it.

Examples of unacceptable use would be for (say) a group of schools to licence a copy of FeisMark to score the championships run by individual schools, or for one school to licence a copy of FeisMark and lend, hire or use it to score championships for other schools or organisations.

However, we do have a 'Royalty Agreement' for anybody who wants to use FeisMark to score third party competitions.

Royalty Agreements

The FeisMark Royalty Agreement is designed for those who do want to score competitions for third parties. Put simply, we charge you for a standard version of the software and you pay a small-ish, negotiable percentage of earnings made using it.

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