From the smallest to the largest championship, FeisMark handles them all

FeisMark is designed to do one job - scoring Irish dancing championships - and it does it superbly and without fuss. It follows the An Coimisiún scoring model, with grid scores (Irish marks) of 100, 75, 65, etc., and can handle championships with up to five adjudicators and up to 3 rounds plus recall.

After a major upgrade in 2008, FeisMark has been in use for a number of years now with no problems reported by users. The software is stable and reliable in normal use. As well as the specific features listed below, FeisMark 2008 is quite simply easier and faster to use.

New features include:


If you have a feis coming up, please make sure your copy of FeisMark and all of your equipment is fully operative in plenty of time. We are always happy to help with any problems you may hit with FeisMark, but we are sometimes away on business -- maybe even on holiday -- for a number of weeks at a time. We may not have access to telephone, email or Internet, and may not be able to fix your problem without access to our systems here in the office. It remains the user's responsibility to ensure that the software does what is necessary and is functioning correctly for use when required.

Buy Now!

You can purchase a copy of FeisMark by clicking one of the buttons below. Payment will be via PayPal, but you don't need to set up a PayPal account if you don't have one - you just need your credit card. We will build your licenced copy when we receive payment notification from PayPal, and then email it to you or make it available as a download.

£130 (GBP)    US$220 (USD)    €220 (EUR)

NB. Please allow plenty of time if you have an event coming up. We are often away from the office for extended periods, and we also recommend having a full 'dress rehearsal' before using FeisMark 'live' for the first time.

* We have installed and operated FeisMark under Windows 7 without problems, but you may need to install the software as an 'administrator' to do so, depending on your system setup. If you have any problems, please talk to the person who supplied your PC in the first instance. Older versions (FeisMark Gold and before) will NOT run under Vista or Win 7 without some 'tweaking'. Please upgrade if you move to a later operating systems.


The price of FeisMark 2008 has remained the same for many years now and is easily recoverable from marks pack sales. By selling marks packs for a few pounds each, you can pay for FeisMark the first year and then raise money for your school funds after that. Don't forget that you pay for FeisMark once, then use it again, year after year at no extra cost.

FeisMark is in use at prestigious championships all over England, Ireland and further afield, including the Southern England and Midlands Oireachtaisi. But don’t believe what we tell you about FeisMark -- we will gladly supply references from existing FeisMark users so you can ask them what they think of it.


Existing registered users can upgrade from previous FeisMark versions for £30. Email us for full details.

If you already know that you want to upgrade your existing licensed copy of FeisMark, click the button below to pay via PayPal:



FeisMark ~ General Information

FeisMark is a computer program that was designed to do a single job: the simple, fast and accurate scoring of Irish dance championships.* It is in use literally around the globe at championships in England, Ireland, the United States, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa.

Lightning fast, FeisMark has been successfully used to score local and national championships and those crucial regional qualifiers, both on a 'DIY' basis and by us as a scoring service. We use FeisMark ourselves to score feiseanna including the McGahan Lees Open Feis (Essex, England), Feis Cuchulainn (Dundalk, Ireland), the Ceim Oir Feis (London, England), the Conway-Lally Feis (Luton, England) -- amongst others. We also have many 'DIY' users of FeisMark who use it to score their own feiseanna, including users in Belfast, Cork, Derry, Drogheda (Ireland), Birmingham, Coventry, Corby, Essex, Leeds, Manchester (England), Edinburgh (Scotland), Wellington (NZ), Mass. (USA), and more. Contact us if you'd like to know who is already using FeisMark near you.

We know FeisMark works, superbly, because we use it ourselves to score both 'pay-in-advance' and 'pay-on-the-day' championships. If you have somebody in your school who is familiar with Windows software and championship scoring, FeisMark is simple to install and simple to use.

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to leave the hassle of scoring to somebody else, we're happy to come along and score your feis for you. Please give us plenty of notice though!

Just Think ...

Just fast, accurate results and a professional image for your feis and your school -- without it costing a fortune. If you sell marks packs at your feis, you can recoup the cost of FeisMark at one feis! And you only have to buy it once!

£130 (GBP)    US$220 (USD)    €220 (EUR)

And you only have to buy it once!

If you are planning an open feis, you will almost certainly find FeisMark of interest. Click the links on the right to find out more, or to download a trial version.

* Note that FeisMark uses the 'An Coimisiún' scoring model, with grid scores of 100, 75, 65, etc.